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The last week has been crazy
We are both pulling
I'm trying to pull you closer
You’re pulling away
I’ve tried what there is to try
I’ve done what there is to do
There is just one more thing
I love you!
We are both in search of something
Unknown to the eye, we look to see
But all we can see is not to be found
I’m searching
You’re searching
In two different worlds
I’m exploring the bottom, and you the top
Pulling and asking when to give up
I’m not going to give up
I’m not going to fail at this too
There is just one more thing
I love you!
I treasure the moments with you although I know it's leant time
and somewhere, somehow
I know I don't stand a chance
I fucked it up I made mistakes
I made the biggest mistake of my life
I regret everything my behavior not holding on
I regret letting you go …
Si me dejas mostrarte
yo podría enseñarte
Lo que podemos lograr los dos
Y es que no quiero vivir sin ti
No me dejes asi
Yo quiero hacerte feliz
Giving you space is what I need to do
I’m stepping back ‘cause I love you
I have to let you be you
I’m filled with I's
I want to be filled with us
There is not much more that I can do
There is just one more thing
I love you!
(Spanish translation:
If you let me, I can show you
what we could achieve together
I don’t want to live without you
Don’t leave me like this
I just want to make you happy)

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Music Composer: Nela Ruiz


Singer: Joe Bills

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